ANDREAS PANTELI - Improvisational freedom     

The workshop is designed for improvisers of all levels, instruments and styles of music. The problems all improvisers face are common. For this reason we are not limited to one specific style of music, but instead we concentrate on the creative process that allows the improviser to express himself with greater consistency, ease and freedom. Topics that the workshop will deal with: the psychological state that allows for improvisation, correct and incorrect habits of practicing, basic and advanced harmony, melodic consistency and development, rhythm, expression and emotion. We play, discuss basic concepts, locate the problem and clear it up, in way that we guide the improviser on to the next level.      


Andreas is a professional jazz pianist and composer, graduate of Codarts Rotterdam Conservatorium and the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag. He has taken part in numerous projects around Europe with styles ranging from traditional jazz to modern day jazz, soul and groove music. He is currently based in Cyprus, where he performs with several ensembles, and teaches piano and improvisation.