Andreas Panteli | Improvisation

We understand music (and the world) by recognising patterns. The more complicated they are, the more difficult it is for us to realise what we’re hearing. On the other hand, the more static they are, the more predictable they become and we might lose interest. The composer / improviser’s main challenge is to find that fine balance between chaos and predictability, and spark interest from their listener. If the intelligent game of developing variations on a pattern is played correctly, it leads to the telling of a coherent story, rich in content on the following areas which will be discussed: rhythmic variation, dynamics, sonic areas (low – high), melodic order, timbre and colour of sound. The workshop will be divided into two parts, the morning session where all the different techniques of developing and variating will be analysed, and the afternoon where the participants will jam together, aiming to utilise these different techniques with musicality. 

Applicable to performers of all levels/genres.