Andreas Panteli - Improvisation - Music Ensembles

Andreas Panteli - Improvisation - Music Ensembles (in collaboration with Ermis Michail)

This workshop concerns musicians who are interested in exploring the world of improvisation away from sheet music. The main goal is for students to develop an intimate relationship with their instrument and to be able to use it as a medium to express their own musical thoughts. The morning sessions will be dedicated to unlocking the instrument technique-wise, to building a musical vocabulary and to intelligent studying, which will make the student reach his goals easier and more effectively. In the afternoon there will be a collaboration with the guitar (Ermis Michail – Modern Guitar - Music Ensembles) workshop, where the students will form ensembles (groups). The aim of that will be group creativity and practicing the perception of the personal role that each musician has in the group.

Concerns music students and professional musicians.