ANDYS SKORDIS - Takedimi -Tadighinaton - Take 

Takedimi-Tadighinaton-Take, is a workshop in both theory and practice, dedicated to the techniques and concepts of Carnatic music (South Indian Classical Music) and their application to current musical styles such as Contemporary Classical, Jazz, Traditional, Progressive Rock and many more genres. These workshops will be entirely focused on rhythm. Travelling through the world of polyrhythms and polypulses that Carnatic Music is enriched by, we will study on how we can precisely execute them, approach them and most importantly conceive them.

These workshops are interesting and extremely helpful for a vast range of artists. From highly skilled musicians, to amateur musicians, dancers, or anyone else who likes rhythm and likes to put some movement in their life!


Andys Skordis, was born in Lefkosia, Cyprus in 1983. He liked music from a child, but didn’t really enjoy learning it till the moment he started playing electric guitar and composing songs for his bands “Off Tone Thieves” and “Spirits”. He had to serve the army when he was 18, but was lucky enough to join the military band in Cyprus, playing euphonium.

At the age of twenty he left Cyprus and went to the USA to study jazz guitar, but soon he switched to composition and film scoring, studying with great teachers as Vuk Kulenovic and Tibor Pusztai at Berklee College of Music, and graduated in 2007.

He the began his journey back home with a long stop in Amsterdam, where he was fortunate enough to have more great teachers like Richard Ayres and Wim Hendrickx, with whom he studied composition gaining his master’s degree in 2011. There he also studied Carnatic music with Rafael Reina for four years.

So far he has been the recipient of various scholarships including WWIK artist’s subsidy from Kunstenaars & Co (NL), FondsPodiumKunsten (NL), A.G. Leventis Foundation Music Scolarship (FR/CY), Darmasiswa (IN), and Nikolas Economou Foundation Music Scolarship (CY). He has also been awarded the BUMA Toonzetters Prize 2012 (one of the highest composition prizes in The Netherlands) the 1st and 2nd place in competitions for Symphony orchestra held by the Cyprus Ministry of Culture and Education in 2012 and 2010, as well as being nominated for the Gaudeamus Prize 2012 and De Ereprijs 2011.

He composes music for acoustic instruments, but is also a member and a founder of the free improvisation collective “Brain Masturbation”. He plays Javanese and Balinese Gamelan music. At the moment he is living in Bali – Indonesia, where he is studying Balinese Gamelan at ISI Denpasar.