Andys Skordis | Takedimi – Tadighinaton – Take

ATakedimi-Tadighinaton-Take, is a workshop in both theory and practice, dedicated to the techniques and concepts of Karnatic music - South Indian Classical Music - and their application to modern music, entirely focused on rhythm. Traveling through the world of polyrhythms
and polypulses that Karnatic Music is enriched by, the workshop teaches musicians how to perform polyrhythms, how to play phrases in quintuplets and septuplets with complete accuracy and feeling, and most importantly, how to create a better sense of pulse.
To achieve these ends, the usage of the so-called ‘solkattu’ - South-Indian set of rhythmical syllables - plays a very important role in order to memorise and feel rhythmic patterns and phrases. 

The workshop applies to musicians of all genres, who want to greatly improve and explore their rhythmic abilities.