Architecture Laboratory - Xssummer Workshop III
Architecture Laboratory - Xssummer Workshop III
26 July - 1 August | Kato Drys, Cyprus

The workshop is based on the design and implementation of an architectural installation in the village of Kato Drys. The workshop will be addressing public space within the traditional Cyprus village, as a collector of rich and complex interactions, both planned and spontaneous. The installation will support activities of Fengaros festival while energising the space with new programmes. The creation of these spaces will address the needs of the various users, social and cultural requirements, encouraging both planned and spontaneous social interaction. During the workshop, participants will go through all the stages of the design process, eventually constructing the final proposal(s) at 1:1 scale on the proposed site. Workshop Tutors and curators: Delis Papadopoulos, Eleonora Antoniadou, Teresa Tourva, Dimitris Thomopoulos, Dimitris Economidis, Eleni Flouri and Andreas Tsiaklis.

The workshop concerns architecture students, young architects and other professionals within the design disciplines. The workshop will begin on July 26th and end on August 1st. Participation fee is set to €120 (€160 including five lunch meals), which includes free accommodation for all participants and an invitation to attend Fengaros Festival 2017.

*Supported by Frederick University


Architecture team:

The team was created in 2014 and comprises of young architects and academics, whose focus is on exploring the spatial and social dynamics between architecture and the built environment. Through installations, practices and actions, the group seeks to activate spaces by proposing interventions for new programs and forms of social interaction. In addition, the group aims to highlight and inform the public about the potential and positive effects that architectural design can offer a community and the wider environment through participatory design, workshops, lectures and construction. Through organized activities, the group attempts to promote architectural education, creating opportunities for students and young architects. The workshops organized in recent years, focus on solving real problems and offer participants the opportunity to gain experience in a collaborative design process from initial concept to 1:1 scale hands on construction. The team has participated in the ABR Festival (August 2014) with the installation ‘Parallax’ (Eleonora Antoniadou, Delis Papadopoulos, Eleni Flouri, Andreas Tsiaklis, Klitsa Antoniou), The Nicosia Pop Up Festival (October 2014) with the project ‘The Makariou Campus’ (Delis Papadopoulos, Eleonora Antoniadou, Tereza Tourvas, Klitsa Antoniou, Demetris Economides, Eleni Flouri, Charis Solomou), The ABR Festival (August 2015) with the installation ‘Inner Paradise’ (Delis Papadopoulos, Eleonora Antoniadou, Andreas Tsiaklis, Eleni Flouri), Festival Xarkis (July 2015, 2016) with the Architecture Laboratory xssummer workshop (Eleonora Antoniadou, Delis Papadopoulos, Tereza Tourvas, Demetris Thomopoulos, Demetris Economides, Eleni Flouri, Charis Solomou, Andreas Tsiaklis) and

Pafos 2017 Cultural Capital, participation with the installation ‘The Green Shower’ (Delis Papadopoulos, Eleonora Antoniadou, Andreas Tsiaklis, Eleni Flouri).