Athina Kasiou / Joel Harwood - Through the Text

The director Athina Kasiou and the writer Joel Horwood will focus on how a text comes to direct communication with the ‘now’. Within the framework of the preparation of a new collaboration, Athena Kasiou and Joel Horwood will work together at Music Village for a week exploring the play Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello. Together with the participants, through text analysis, improvisations and setting questions about the play and its contemporary necessity, the team will create / gather material for a contemporary adaptation of the text. During the workshop the instructors will share methods and techniques regarding direction and creative writing. Through text analysis, improvisations and by setting questions in regards to the theatrical play and its contemporary neccesity, the team will create / gather material for a contemporary reworking of the text.
The workshop concerns actors, directors, set designers, writers, choreographers, and generally people who are, or want to get involved with theatre.