Barnaby Keen / Jonathan Clayton | Songwriting and Music Production

This workshop gives an opportunity to explore and learn about the art of songwriting and the creative processes behind it. Writing a song is a process of letting go, releasing an idea without crushing the life out of it with the weight of expectation. We will create a space for voicing our own thoughts and insights on songwriting whilst learning from each other. There will be time to reflect on some of the underlying motivations behind why we write songs, learn what we can do to remove creative barriers and ask the question: What is there to write about? 
We will also look into and learn some more traditional aspects of songwriting such as: the song structure, lyric writing, harmonic modulation and arrangement. The workshop will also offer its participants the chance to play some of their material to an audience. Time will be spent on practicing producing/recording demos. Some of the songs resented at the workshop will, at a later stage, be chosen to be recorded as proper productions in the studio, and to be released by Louvana Diskoi and the Cyprus Music Information Centre.

Anyone interested in the art of songwriting/music production is welcome.