Field Stage | Saturday, August 4th 

BLACK ANIS is a five-piece band formed in Cyprus, in January 2016. Their music is defined as a distilled blend of southern blues-rock with 90s trip-hop elements, stirred cohesively into a solid soundscape. The high-powered effects are eminent during their performances, producing a diverse atmosphere. 

The band released their first single “Don’t Leave Me” in May 2016, and their first music video “Lay Me Down” in February 2017, respectively. Two years, after their inception, in March 2018, they released their debut album titled "Resonance 21:16”.

The band features Orestis Savva and Kyriakos Xristodoulides on electric guitars, Xanthos Pattichis on bass guitar, Frixos Protopapas on drums, and Adriana Di Antonio on vocals.

The name of the band is inspired by a breed of birds called <ani>, which describes the uniqueness and the freedom of the species itself, as well as by the Arabic etymology of the word-name <Αnis> which is defined as companion, tender-hearted, and close friend.