Village Stage, Aug 5th

Sofronis will present a set from selections and personal edits that reflect the musical tendencies over the last few years. He will give special attention in mixing rhythms from various types of music: from rap to world and from drum beats to experimental rock. The main aim is to produce a dance-able musical result, in order to close the last day of the festival on a high!


Village Stage, Aug 4th

Koulla P. Katsikoronou grooves in a loose, free-wheel manner injecting her delicious nuggets straight into your dancing feet.

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Church Stage, Aug 5th

CreamXDream has a goal and highest duty to broadcast social stimuli, using audio media that touch the modern folk. Stimuli, from the every day where society, history, culture, politics and economy muddle up, CreamXDream comes and dusts off the confusion and emanates the small creations that hide in between.

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Dj Mouseface

Village Stage, Aug 3rd

MouseFace is a Nicosia based music selector. His sound ranges from psychedelic rock, spiritual jazz, african drums, soul to modern folk, blues, pop and electronic music.



Church Stage, Aug 5th

She doesn't claim to be a Dj, but an eclectic music selector. From a very young age Marianna  has been fascinated by music and has developed a deep connection to rock culture. Almost unwillingly, she started djing in recent years "by accident" as she claims. By accident or not, her rock oriented sets are described by eclecticism and a high aesthetic. Expect to hear a blend of some seriously cool Psych-Electro Rock, Post Punk, Synth-Pop selections.

Church Stage, Aug 5th

616 once saw someone else using the phrase ''eclectic to electric'' and thought ''well , i should borrow that , afterall that's what i do'' . At Fengaros he will carry a record box full of music of different genres and countries of origin . At the spot , he will play "Rock–paper–scissors" by himself to determine the sequence .

Church Stage, Aug 4th

Kalaqs focuses on providing good vibes around his speakers, stay close and enjoy a journey through a dancey track selection.

Gustav Le Bon
Church Stage, Aug 5th
Gustav Le Bon is the sonic persona of Yiannis Chrysouliotis.  You'll see him create stories by selecting and putting together vinyl to create musical stories that break the boundaries of genres, a true enforcer of the undeground music scene in Cyprus.