EMMANUEL VOURAKIS – The electric guitarist’s “package”   

This music lab aims at covering all basic components that form a successful career of an electric guitar player. Topics covered will include the electric guitar as an instrument, the sound components that form the sound chain (parts, effects, cables, amps), the guitarist’s role within different musical enviroments and ensembles, what sets apart an artist from a session player as well as the differences between live and studio performance, guitar playing in general with different techniques required for different styles, and in conclusion, within the 5 days of its duration, Emmanuel, through the experience gained from his 25 year long career span, will draw the description of the “package” required to form a today’s professional guitarist’s complete profile.


Emmanuel has been fronting the “Zilla Project” for the past 5 years as his main musical outlet. A Berklee College οf Music Alumnus. Also a former member of BluesWire – one of the most established blues bands in Europe – based in Greece. He is the winner of the only “B.B. King Blues guitar competition”, held in Greece in March 1998. Also awarded with the title Blues Guitarist of the year at Berklee College of Music for the year 2004-5. He has been numerous national TV appearances and shows, in Greece, USA, Cyprus and Europe, a slew of recordings and concerts for many diverse artists in many styles of music with a career that spans over 20 years.