Fengaros Music Village 2014

Kato Drys, Cyprus 27.7.2014 - 1.8.2014
Louvana Records is organising the first Fengaros Music Village in Cyprus, in collaboration with Music Village in Greece, which takes place in Pilion* every summer for the past eight years. With nine different workshops for music and theatre, and with instructors from Cyprus, Greece and England, this event will attempt to give a different approach to artistic learning.
The workshops will take place in the beautiful setting of Kato Drys village. They will run on a daily basis, divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. Following the ending of all workshops every day, there will be free concerts by the Village's instructors and local bands, as well as performances by the Fengaros Music Village students.

The organisation's goals are:

- To offer educational units in the form of symbiotic masterclasses, which will be instructed by artists/musicians of international calibre in the area of contemporary or historical performance and creation. The themed sections of each workshop will function integrally and will intend to approach musical art broadly, yet effectively, whilst putting particular emphasis on original and unconventional areas that have not yet been integrated into the Cypriot educational system.
- The pre-scheduled and spontaneous performances of musical ideas and the productive exchange of ideas and projects among artists of diverse nationalities.

* The Music Village is one of the largest musical communities in Europe. It was founded in 2006 by musicians Thymios Atzakas, Kostas Makrygiannakis and Giorgos-Emmanuel Lazarides. It has been taking place every August for the past eight years in the village of Ayios Lavrentios, in Pilion, Greece.

Participation Fee: €170
GIORGOS XYLOURIS – Introduction to Cretan music
DAVE DE ROSE – Drumming and Beyond
ANDYS SKORDIS - Takedimi -Tadighinaton - Take
ATHΕNA KASIOU - Starting from the text (Open Arts)
ANDREAS PANTELI | Improvisation Freedom
EMMANUEL VOURAKIS – The electric guitarist’s “package”
VASILIKI ANASTASIOU - The power of your voice. Songs of our neighborhood and improvisations.
KOSTAS MAKRYGIANNAKIS - GUITAR WIRED..! Workshop for the classical and acoustic guitar
PAVLOS MICHAELIDES - Violin workshop