Fengaros Music Village 2015

Kato Drys | July 26th– July 31st | Cyprus
Symbiotic Workshops | Concerts | Lectures

Louvana Records is once again teaming up withArTree, the organising team behind the international music community “Music Village” based in Greece, to organise Fengaros Music Village for the second consecutive year. Artists from Cyprus, Greece and England will be leading music and theater workshops, proposing fresh and alternative methods of artistic learning.

The village of Kato Drys inspired the organisers and was once again chosen as the ideal setting to host the workshops, lectures and concerts of the Music Village. Workshops wil run on a daily basis, divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. Following the ending of all workshops every day, there will be free concerts by the Music Village's instructors and local bands, as well as performances by the Fengaros Music Village students.

The organisation aims to offer:

- educational sessions in the form of interactive masterclasses, which will be instructed by artists / musicians of international caliber in the areas of modern and traditional music. The themed sections of each workshop intend to approach the art of music and theater more broadly, yet effectively, whilst putting particular emphasis on original areas of artistic development.

- both organised and spontaneous performances of musical / theatrical pieces by the students

- the productive exchange of ideas and experiences between artists, students and participants of varied musical backgrounds and nationalities

- the creation of a long-lasting hybrid, artistic community, characterised by solidarity, both in the fields of collective creativity and in the production / distribution of artistic work.

Andys Skordis | Takedimi – Tadighinaton – Take
Emmanuel Vourakis | Blues Guitar and Blues Music
Giorgos Xylouris / Zacharias Spyridakis | Cretan Music
Davide De Rose / Colin Somervell | Spontaneous Collaborative Music
Kostas Makrygiannakis | Guitar Wired
Vasiliki Anastasiou | The Power of your Voice
Andreas Panteli | Improvisation
Harris Lambrakis | Constantinople's Makams
Barnaby Keen / Jonathan Clayton | Songwriting and Music Production
Athena Kasiou | From The Text
Elenitsa Georgiou | Around the world with music!