Fotis Siotas: not just a loop, not just a loop, not just a loop, not just a loop...
Fotis Siotas: not just a loop, not just a loop, not just a loop, not just a loop...
27 July - 1 August | Kato Drys, Cyprus

Composition, musical arrangement and transcription of songs in an environment resembling that of a rehearsal, using loop-stations, effect-pedals, as well as acoustic instruments. Musicians that have already been experimenting with effect-pedals, and acoustic-instrument players will come together in this workshop, with the goal of shaping a unique orchestra. The students will study with one another so that they are able to compose and transcribe music with all the means they will acquire through the sessions. We will approach this through the manipulation of effects and their capabilities / usage as tools of musical arrangement, combining them with acoustic instruments to discover new paths in how they can blend musically.

This workshop can be attended by students interested in effects manipulation and loop stations, instrument players or singers, as well as people who play acoustic instruments.

Fotis Siotas - Bio

Fotis Siotas was born in Thessaloniki. He became involved with music at the age of six, as a member of Ayia Triada Children's Choir. He begun his studies in singing and violin at Thessaloniki's State Conservatory at the age of nine. He has been a member of many of the city's bands, such as Podilates, Boomstate and Evoi Evan. In 1993 he began working with Socratis Malamas and Thanassis Papaconstantinou both live and in the studio (13000 Meres, Dromoi, Ekso, Vrahnos Profitis, Agripnia, Ta Zontana, Diaphanos, I Vrohi apo Kato, Samanos, O Elahistos Eaftos). In Elahistos Eaftos he not only orchestrated, but also performed most of the material. He has also worked with Yiannis Aggelakas kai oi Episkeptes (Apo Do kai Pano), with Nikos Veliotis (Oi Anases ton Likon), on the musical childrens' tales of Dimitris Baslam where he performed on O Gargalistis and Thimomeni Betoniera, and Babis Papadopoulos on Draco's Cave. Since 2005, he has formed Sancho 003 with Kostas Pantelis, a highly acclaimed duet which has so far released two albums (We Buy Gold, Muzga), who have also collaborated with various dance productions by the dance group Sinequanon. In 2016, he has formed another band with Lefteris Moumtzis, Kostas Pantelis and Vasilis Bacharidis called Sotires, with whom he has released their debut self-titled album through Louvana Records.