Giorgos Kalogirou - Place, Speech, Sound - Creative Writing Workshop
Giorgos Kalogirou - Place, Speech, Sound - Creative Writing Workshop
27 July - 1 August | Kato Drys, Cyprus

The creative writing workshop will be dealing with the techniques of setting lyrics or poems to music and with the lyric-writing art as material to be set to music. The source of inspiration will be the concept of place (space), as it provides the setting in which the life and history of its people evolves, in this case Cyprus. The workshop will use elements from both Cypriot traditional music and the broader modern Greek creation. The workshop’s goal is the development / improvement of the participants’ creative skills and their practice of composing different musical and lyrical elements, inspired both by their country as well as their personal music influences.

The workshop invites musicians, actors, composers, lyricists, poets and anyone interested in songwriting in both modern Greek, and the Cypriot dialect. The musicians can participate using any musical instrument.

Giorgos Kalogirou - Bio

The well-known Cypriot musician, composer and instructor of Cypriot music and literature, Giorgos Kalogirou, writes music based in and about Cyprus, always trying to portray the country in a brighter light that doesn't always revolve around its bitter history. He has so far released three albums, and his composition portfolio has brought him in contact with the biggest names in the traditional music of Cyprus, Greece and further away, and as a result he has created long-lasting collaborations. His songs include lyrics by himself, his collaborating lyricists, and also use written word by poets. He also teaches music and lute at the cypriot "Music Upper Schools", he conducts the choir of Deryneia, and he has a long-lasting career in the field of education.