Harris Lambrakis | Constantinople's Makams

The Ottoman Empire may have fought wars from Algeria through to the Indian Ocean, and Poland through to Ethiopia, it may have had under its dominion most of the known languages and religions of the times, but when we talk about Ottoman Music we mostly refer to the music of Constantinople. The main subject of this workshop is the so called makams and in a broader sense the whole music of Constantinople. The idea is to approach this set of makams practically, through a wide repertoire - mainly from Ottoman music. The workshop will focus on listening exercises, practical exercises on the 
instruments, and the analysis of the makams. Wherever necessary, the repertoire will be extended beyond Ottoman music, based on old recordings of taksims, and gazels. The set of makams that this workshop will concentrate on are: Rast, Bayati, Sabah, Hicaz, Segah and Huzzam. 

Musicians of all levels, playing instruments relevant to this genre of music are welcome, as long as they have a basic knowledge of reading music.