KOSTAS MAKRYGIANNAKIS - GUITAR WIRED..! Workshop for the classical and acoustic guitar

- What is the relationship between a song with guitar accompaniment written in the 19th century by Fernando Sor with “Under the bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers?

- How can we perform a masterpiece like Strawberry fields forever by the Beatles, without the song losing its power?

The workshop aims to familiarise the musician-guitarist with the procedure of music making. The understanding of the ‘geography’ of the fret board, acoustic exercises, aesthetic approaches, exchanging opinions, one on one lessons and a lot of group playing will be used as tools. Especially, the following will be studied and discussed:

Basic and specific sound production techniques for the guitar.

Part – lead sheet making
Techniques and aesthetic: a love story
Covers and re-arrangements: The original creation and re-arrangement on the guitar from the 19th century till today.

For all levels!


Kostas studied music (Thessaloniki-Greece, SynchrononConservatoire, London-UK, TrinityCollegeofMusic) and economics (Thessaloniki, AUTH). He also attended several masterclasses and workshops with acclaimed musicians such as Leo Brouwer, David Russel, Manuel BarruecoandCarlo Domeniconiamong others. He has been distinguished in international competitions as prize-winner or finalist.

Since 1997 he has widely performed in venues and festivals in Greece, UK, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Cyprus and Czech Republic. His broad area of interests includes chamber music, new music for guitar, historically based performance as well as improvisation, pop music, conceptual music and composition. He has premiered a number of new works for solo guitar as well as for chamber ensembles, promoting contemporary music in Greece and abroad. He has broadcasted for Greek State Radio and Television, BBC, EBU and has been engaged in several album recordings. His performances have received great reviews from the international press such as Classical Guitar Magazine (UK), Neue Presse (Germany) and from Greek newspapers and magazines.

Kostas is the artistic director of Guitar Plus Festival in Thessaloniki, the only Greek festival entirely focused on chamber guitar music from Renaissance to the present day. He is also member of the organisation team ofMusic Village Festival, (www.music-village.gr)  together with Thimios Atzakas and George –Emmanuel Lazaridis, one of the most important cultural societies in Greece, which brings together artists from all over the world in the context of performing, education and cultural cross-breeding.