Marina Katsari - With the word, the voice and two hands

Within the framework of the experiential workshop “with the word, the voice and two hands” the participants get in touch with the various techniques of storytelling and familiarize themselves with all the necessary tools for their occupation with the Art of Storytelling. The workshop is addressed to professionals or future professionals of education of all levels, to parents, to people who work with groups (motivators, team leaders, educators).
The workshop will be structured into the following sections: introduction of the art of storytelling, the secrets of read storytelling, the secrets of oral storytelling, types of storytellers, techniques and tools, fiction in creative storytelling, storytelling is elsewhere (as well)... The participants will have the opportunity, among others, to be initiated experientially in various storytelling techniques, to study oral and reading storytelling techniques, to be initiated experientially to the rhythm and musicality of storytelling and to develop their expression tools: the body, the voice, gestures and grimaces.

Concerns professional or future professionals of any level, parents, people who work with teams (motivators, team leaders, educators and more)