PAVLOS MICHAELIDES - Violin workshop   

The subject of this workshop revolves around those elements that contribute to the approach of the traditional violin and its rich repertoire. It’s an introduction to the violin’s art and techniques, its handling, style and aesthetics within the repertoire that is going to be taught during the seminar.

More specifically, there will be analysis of melodic phrases, stylistic and aesthetic development, technical approaches and ways of practicing. All these will be based on a modal repertoire that is initiated from the musical traditions of Minor Asia, the Aegean and Cyprus. There will be a chapter covering specific approaches and notation to score reading.          

The seminar targets beginner to advanced level students, where depending on attendance levels, students may be divided into sections. Note that, although the content will primarily focus on violin players, the seminar will be open to anyone interested.

Audio material and scores will be given to participants upon registration.    


Pavlos Michaelides was born in Nicosia. During his studies he was a member and rotating concertmaster of the Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Arizona, a member of the Bay Area Classical Harmonies (California) and the chamber music orchestra "Uindy BIOS" (Athens). His studies include the violin approach to the eastern tropical music techniques with the violin virtuoso and distinguished professor Yiannis Zevgolis, along with seminars and music workshops with Kyriakos Petras , George Psaltis , Pericles Papapetropoulos and Naseem Dakwar (Arabic style). He holds the LRSM diploma (Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music, Violin Performance - Prof. Υ. Zevgolis) and BA degree in Music Performance (Prof. V. Halapsis). During his studies he also acquired the degrees of BSc in MIS and MBA, Finance.

His collaborations consist of classical, folk, rock and world music ensembles with which he travelled and performed in important cultural venues in several countries such as Cyprus, Israel, Greece, Italy, France, England, Canada, USA and Mexico. With the band "Iristhoenparodo" they represented Greece in the 8th European Jazz Festival (Athens 2008) and he has cooperated in composing and orchestrating its last album ‘istrilasia’ (El Capitan 2010).

He is one of the key members and recording artist for the Cypriot singer and composer Lefteris Moumtzis and his band «J. Kriste, Master of Disguise».